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Devilled eggs

Is it too early to start with the Christmas recipes? I know plenty of other places have got a head start on me but it didn’t seem right to even contemplate these sorts of thing until December. But then realising that Christmas eve is just three little weeks away made me think it was time to post this retro recipe, perfect for any parties you might be planning. Now a lot of folks will say that devilled eggs belong firmly in the 1970s; I remember the cover photo on one of the ancient Fanny Craddock cookbooks that I think my Mum inherited that showed a plate of washed-out eggs presented on a bed of lettuce that looked far from appetizing.  For a long time I felt ever so slightly ashamed for liking devilled eggs as much as I do. If and when they ever grace a buffet table I swoop in and grab a couple before finding a quiet corner to guiltily devour them. (more…)


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We’re painting! Yay!

It’s been a couple of months now since I first wrote about our huge kitchen refit project and it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that we’re still living with our temporary set up in the lounge. But that’s not to say progress hasn’t been made. We’ve crossed that all important line between destruction and making good, just about everything’s been ripped out – doors, windows, ceilings, plaster and lathe, floors – and now it’s gradually being replaced. Phil of PJS Windows did his usual excellent job fitting the new door and window which flood the room with light even on a grey day (and no, this isn’t a paid ad, we’re just very happy with his work). At last we’re putting paint on the walls, even if it’s just a mist coat over the fresh plaster. (more…)

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I’ve hinted at this in my last two posts and now it’s time to come clean. I have no kitchen. We’re now in the throes of the refit and since I’m going to be struggling to cook much in the way of interesting food for the next few months I thought I might share a little of the reason why.

The kitchen in the estate agent's particulars. Note the stunning view into the outdoor loo!


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