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It’s another Avignon-inspired recipe for you today! Going back to Les Halles market – the one to give you foodie dreams for years to come – I mentioned the boulanger who sold apple pie by the slice. His pie/tart was not the usually fancy affair with neatly sliced apples delicately arranged in concentric circles but a handheld, picnic-friendly pud.  A sweet apple compote was sandwiched between two layers of flakey, buttery puff pastry while the top was covered in a crackly layer of golden sugar. Thin squares of pie were sliced up and wrapped in a napkin for eating on the spot. The perfect end to a simple lunch of cheese, bread and tomatoes eaten on a sunny park bench overlooking the Rhone river. (more…)


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A few weeks ago I went to the cinema (a rare occurrence for me) to see The Artist before it was too late. Making the most of Orange Wednesday my mum and I headed out to the cinema early to make sure we got our two-for-one tickets then headed up to the cafe/bar to have a drink while we waited (thus totally undoing the saving we’d made on the ticket price!). While ordering a (ahem) pot of tea for two, mum spied an interesting selection of snacks for sale at the bar and decided buy something to try. She plumped for roasted almonds flavoured with lemon and sea salt which were utterly delicious. Crunchy, sharp and savoury – a perfect nibble to go with wine or beer. Or tea. On the walk home talk centred around Jean Dujardin, Uggie the dog and those almonds, at which point two things became clear to me: 1) I had to find a way of making some at home to save coughing up another £2.50 for a handful of nuts; 2) I want a slightly shaggy Jack Russel who follows me everywhere.


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It dawned on me that I only have three months to get myself ready for my first ever half marathon in aid of Diabetes UK and I’m starting to feel quite intimidated by the whole thing. I’ve got myself into a good routine of three runs a week, two slightly shorter and one long run at the weekend when I have a bit more free time. But as I’m increasing my distances I’m also increasingly suffering from ‘the hunger’. This Saturday gone I got home after an 8 mile cross-country run (in the snow!) and ended up diving into the biscuit tin which I’m sure is not the cleverest way to refuel. I felt hungry the rest of the day and ended up snacking on whatever I could get my mitts on. I realised that I need to have something on hand for just such an occasion that will satisfy my sweet cravings but will also have enough slow-release energy to keep me going until my next meal. (more…)

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