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Hello folks! Just a quick announcement before getting on with this post. Food Magazine‘s 2013 Reader Awards are accepting nominations for your favourite West Country food producers, shops, chefs, cafes and restaurants and, for the first time, bloggers. If you have any favourites that you think deserve some recognition you can vote for them here. And if you’ve enjoyed reading this little blog I would be over the moon if you nominated it. #awkward! Thank you!



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It dawned on me that I only have three months to get myself ready for my first ever half marathon in aid of Diabetes UK and I’m starting to feel quite intimidated by the whole thing. I’ve got myself into a good routine of three runs a week, two slightly shorter and one long run at the weekend when I have a bit more free time. But as I’m increasing my distances I’m also increasingly suffering from ‘the hunger’. This Saturday gone I got home after an 8 mile cross-country run (in the snow!) and ended up diving into the biscuit tin which I’m sure is not the cleverest way to refuel. I felt hungry the rest of the day and ended up snacking on whatever I could get my mitts on. I realised that I need to have something on hand for just such an occasion that will satisfy my sweet cravings but will also have enough slow-release energy to keep me going until my next meal. (more…)

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